Who do I want to be on the internet?

The question seemed somewhat broad, but I hope I can answer it in the best way.

When I look at my history of who I was on the internet, it was usually just someone who used this as a tool to stay in touch with family and friends while also meeting new people through social media and games. Lately though, I am starting to see that the internet is a way more useful tool, especially in the business world.

One of the biggest things I look at when dealing with social media and the internet in general, is how useful it can be when dealing with businesses and organizations. For example, I look at businesses like Warby Parker, who use their Twitter and Facebook accounts for customer service outlets. (https://twitter.com/WarbyParkerHelp) This is one reason why I want to learn more about social media, because me and my friends have been thinking about business ideas and realize the importance of social media in the future as a viable way to reach out to customers.

If you look at how Warby Parker, an eyeglasses manufacturer, uses their social media accounts, it is impeccable. I’m not completely sure on what their method is, but by the looks of it, through Twitter they will just search their name “Warby Parker”, and if anyone has a question on any of their products, they’ll have one of their interns managing their account send a tweet(s) to the person asking. This is actually how I found out more about them, because I felt like they were reaching out to me, instead of me having to go out and look for them. Also, one thing that that Mansfield discusses in Chapter One of “Social Media for Social Good” is that you have to be personal. Being personal with who you are trying to interact with makes it seem like you are talking to a real person or friend instead of just a computer on the internet.

Personally, there are a lot of things I wanted to use the internet with, especially with social media. After experiencing with it for years now, I finally see that it is more than just connecting with friends, but it can also be used for connecting with customers or donators, in a friendly manner.

3 thoughts on “Who do I want to be on the internet?

  1. Wow – you have an excellent mindset as a businessman. The learning curve for new media is huge, and businesses/orgs who don’t hop on the train and strive to learn and utilize new media to their advantage are going to suffer.

    Just remember – whoever you are online…be transparent, engage in dialogue, and be a PERSON. That’s what readers want and crave!

  2. I like how you drew attention to being personal from chapter one of SMSG. This is a very important quality people should keep in mind when using social media. I also agree that social media is being used more and more by businesses, and perspective business owners and entrepreneurs should be willing to learn and implement social media into their businesses.

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