Visual Culture Introduction

To be honest, I wasn’t signed up for this class right away, because I first looked over it and didn’t think it would help towards my major. Then I realized that it actually works perfect as an addition to what I’m studying.

Unlike a lot of people in our class, I am actually an English major.My main focus is linguistics and Technical Writing, so I find getting the chance to read about how to add visual aspects to your writing very interesting. One big thing about technical writing is how the document is received by the audience. If they audience isn’t able to relate with the document visually, they start to become less interested in the document, and your directions or FAQ could be lost.

Even though we will be mostly focusing on imagery it’s still somewhat intriguing to learn about how images grasp people’s attention and how we perceive certain pictures with closure. I can’t quite think of anything in my field that would deal with closure, but when we see logos and images, closure is all around us and it’s what makes certain images be engraved into our minds compared to other logos or images.

This was just a brief introduction and even though I may not have the design background as a lot of other people, I look forward to what will come during this semester.


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