Social Media websites I have wasted my life with…

Hello fellow Electronic Communication 457 people. What’s up? Enough about you, let’s talk about me.

Computer’s have always been a part of my life because being a child of the butt end of the 80’s, I have learned what it has felt like to be computer dependent, especially growing up in a house that had a blocky, ugly Macintosh computer when I was about 4. I can’t remember how old I was when I got my first website, but I remember still having to connect to the phone line to be able to check it, and this website, I believe, was “”. I am not totally sure, because it has been forever, but it was a service where you could make basic HTML websites and you could link your friends or other cool websites that you found. Mine, I remember, was mostly a website that was linked to sites that helped you find HTML coding help and friends that I had met. During this time, I felt that it was very limited to what you could accomplish, so I decided to open a Geocities website. The problem, though, I was the only real big nerd out of all my friends so I couldn’t get them to make the switch over to Geocities and that website quickly died out. I believe the first time I actually took social media completely serious was in middle school. During this time, I had a xanga page and a Myspace page. Last time I checked both of these pages are still up, but I don’t use them anymore. Xanga was what a lot of the kids in my city used (Bismarck) and so we could all write about our days and people would comment on this. Myspace was more of the place where I would write comments on girl’s pages I had no chance with and where I could find out about bands and music shows in the area. I’ve also used websites like Tumblr, Dailybooth,, and others that I can’t think of right now.

Right now there are two major websites that are brought up whenever anybody mentions social media. These, obviously, are Facebook and Twitter. According to Facebook, I have been using it since December 9, 2006. Lately I haven’t been using Facebook as much and would probably delete it if I wouldn’t lose contact with all of the people I met while living in Seoul, South Korea. I guess for now I will keep it, until they make me mad. Feel free to add me at if you would like. I don’t really post much except for pictures I get caught in when out with friends. I started using Twitter in 2007 or 2008. Since then, I have deleted it and brought it back multiple times, but now it is the site I use the most. For some reason the concept of “micro-blogging” is very appealing to me, because I don’t have to put a lot of work into what I am going to say.  I have multiple Twitter accounts that I manage at the moment, but you can follow my personal at I apologize in advance, though, because I have a pretty crude humor and it might come out in some of my tweets, but I will try to tone it down from now on!

Those are the main sites I use at the moment. I have Google+ and LinkedIn accounts too, but I don’t ever check them, because Google+ is a barren wasteland (but I will use it for this class) and I haven’t tested the LinkedIn waters yet.

Well, here is the breakdown of my social media history and I look forward to this class!