I really didn’t know how to talk about my kind of style in a organization way of thinking, so I looked up a blog post by Jason Falls on Social Media Explorer. He discusses the use of Twitter as a marketing tool and the different “voices” people or organizations can use it. Personally, I see myself using a conversationalist tone. In Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Blogs, or even in journal posts I have had to post for school. Yes, there are times to post that update about your organization and only make it informational, but a lot of people use Social Media for a more laid back appeal.

Personally, if you look at my tweets, you will notice that they are stupid thoughts or posts I have to my friends. This is the same way I have used Facebook and other social media sites. One of the main things I can do, is get people to notice things through humor, so I try and use that strength for a conversation started, and then hopefully get people hooked to a certain site through that. Also, my friends and I manage another Twitter account where we will keep the tone very conversational, but then will add a post about what we have added to our certain website just so people can keep updated, because they are mostly following our social media outlets for updates on our information.

I believe Conversational and Conversational Marketer are the two best ways to reach out, while utilizing a minimal part of the Broadcaster idea. No one will follow a Broadcaster unless it is a CNN or some type of news outlet, because they want to feel like they’re talking to someone other than just a robot who posts links. Or at least I do.